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    How to sign up **READ before posting!**



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    How to sign up **READ before posting!**

    Post by Admin on Wed May 25, 2011 3:06 pm

    Alright kiddies, here's the format you will post in.


    Name: Double Helix
    Position: Defense
    Games expected to make: 75%


    You are to follow this format. If you are not at least semi-serious, you will not even be considered.
    Yes, it is perfectly okay to sign up for every position if you really are that desperate to be picked.
    Now, when a player is cut from a team, due to being either shitty or for absence, they automatically revert back to Slave Agent status. When a player cuts themselves at the end of the season, they also revert back to Slave Agent status. The team that they cut themselves from cannot sign them again, as that defeats the entire purpose.

    Players cut due to absence will have two weeks to either show up or post on the forums before they are removed from the Slave Agency and after that will no longer be considered part of the league.

    Slave Agents CANNOT enter league games, and it is probably a good idea not to enter any of the practice rooms going on during the day. You MUST leave if asked by an official.

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