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    Now recruiting an Admin Panel



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    Now recruiting an Admin Panel

    Post by Admin on Wed May 25, 2011 12:52 pm

    The SPHB admin panel will be in charge of all executive decisions made in the league. General duties include, but are not limited to: handling any issues during league games, enforcing rules and punishing rule-breakers, giving announcements of important League news, confirming match reports and trades/signs, updating Standings/Stats/Rosters database, ensuring the cooperation of GMs.

    *Note - The commissioner will still assume the highest level of command and will oversee the admin panel. All important league changes and decisions will ultimately go through the commissioner.

    Reply here with this application, fully completed in a well thought-out manner. We are looking for 4-5 new admins for Season 4.

    5 things..

    Haxball Experience
    Community Experience
    Prior League Experience
    Why you should be admin
    Activity: Post how many hours per week you can devote to SPHB


    Haxball experience - you should tell me how long you have been playing haxball for, previous teams, etc etc.

    Community experience - what haxball communities are you involved with, how long have you been involved in the SPHB community, are you familiar with the entire SPHB community? How?

    Prior League Experience - If you have ever been admin in any previous leagues, post the league information and what you did in this league.

    Other - What qualities or skills do you have which makes you a better admin... all skills will be considered, some include knowing HTML, forum moderating, being logical, being objective, having a lot of free time, etc etc. Anything which you feel makes you a good admin.

    Be patient, we may not decide who the admins are for several weeks. So don't start asking us whether you were chosen. To be considered in the voting, you must be nominated and have 2 other persons second your nomination.


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